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This is a fine reproduction of the famous Roorkhee Chair, named in honour of the Head Quarters of the British Engineers Corps stationed in India during the Asian Campaign in the late 19th century.

It became the most popular camping chair used by the British Army and world explorers from the 1890's. The British Military Campaign required fast movement of troops over rough terrain, as with the Boer War of 1895-1903 and the Roorkhee Chair became a favourite piece of field furniture for the officers.

The Roorkhee Chair is lightweight and rugged, highly portable and is easily dismantled for transport.It adapts to uneven terrain and becomes more stable the heavier one sits in it.

The Roorkhee Chair looks what it is - a strong, functional work horse of a chair, impervious to weather, capable of roughing it out of doors and virtually everlasting. All it's elements express their function perfectly. They are simple and direct. All parts are constructed at right angles. The seat is made of canvas and hand stitched leather, stretched over two tapered dowels which are mounted at different heights. The backrest pivots on two shaped wooden pieces to recline. All of this is kept together by leather belts.

The Original Furniture Company is proud to have recreated this fine example of British Military field furniture. The reproduction is in exquisite detail, entirely hand made of the finest solid timbers with brass fittings, and with your choice of canvas or leather.

Equally at home on a safari trip, on a stoep or in an office, the Roorkhee Chair quickly becomes the focus of attention and conversation.

Sit back in a Roorkhee Chair and enjoy the character and romance of a by-gone era when the British Military fought their Imperial Wars in as much homely comfort their horses would allow.